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Six15 Technologies is the world leader in researching, developing and manufacturing wearable optical displays. Six15 Technologies develops both off-the-shelf and custom smart glass solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government and defense agencies. Wearable optics power decision making, enhance problem solving, and accelerate critical action. They’re ideal for industries such as the military, logistics, medicine, and public safety.

Military forces provide their troops with an immense amount of digital data. Yet it can be difficult to synthesize and act on military intelligence swiftly and accurately, especially in extreme environments where conditions on the ground are constantly changing. Six15 wearable optical displays empower fighting forces by giving individuals the information they need – when and how they need it. Data and expert commentary is delivered directly to troops’ smart glass devices, enabling them to keep their line of sight and hands free to perform critical duties as they participate in mission-critical operations.

Meanwhile, military commanders can use operators’ line of sight and feedback to continually update and enhance their decision making, increasing force effectiveness while minimizing troop and civilian injuries and casualties. Six15 head mounted displays also be used for sensitive military initiatives, such as security, surveillance, and covert operations. They provide a ubiquitous computing environment to enhance the success of high-dollar, risky operations, as well as the physical security of key operators.


First to market with a proven head mounted display for military operations. More than 200,000 wearable optical displays have been delivered to-date and used by forces in active military combat and covert operations A robust set of wearable technology products, including smart glasses, thermal imagers, ruggedized tactical computers, and more


  • Connect remote decision makers with forces on the ground
  • Provide real-time battle and operational data to each soldier
  • Enable troops to perform their missions with accuracy and security
  • Constantly update information to provide highly accurate real-time situational awareness
  • Deliver customized information to each war fighter
  • Rapidly adapt to changing conditions on the ground
  • Enhance operator and force safety and security
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